Four Sox Players Traded to the Dodgers in 2012 to Improve This Season

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How am I feeling right now?  At this point, after reading about the “Blockbuster deal” that happened last year between the L.A Dodgers and the Boston Red Sox, I feel invigorated and excited, yet nervous and slightly annoyed.  Although I am ashamed by not knowing about such an enormous event, I can look past it, and be taken aback by what I know now.  This truly is a huge and exciting trade.  So why haven’t I heard about it until now?  Here I sit in the quaint, quiet coffee shop called Pleasant Street Coffee House, in Gloucester, MA on the edge of my seat, as I read more and more into this extravagant and historical event.

The guys involved in the trade: Josh Beckett, Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford, Nick Punto, James Loney, Allen Webster, Ivan de Jesus, Rubby Del La Rosa and Jerry Sands. Gonzalez, Punto, Beckett, and Crawford were all traded to the L.A Dodgers in 2012. It was a clean sweep for the Sox. After all, the Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine wanted to rid the players who ‘underperformed’ last season. With that said, the Red Sox threw approximately 260 million dollars’ worth of salaries at the Dodgers.  A trade is a trade.  So what did Boston get from it? The Sox acquired four minor league players and James Loney (a first baseman), as well as an enormous salary cut. When I say enormous, I mean it’s a ridiculous sum of money! The Sox now have to afford only 12 million dollars to the new prospects who have been sent to the minors (Triple A Pawtucket), leaving a lump sum of money to improve the team elsewhere. The 260 million dollar responsibility was left to the Dodgers when they signed the deal to gain Gonzalez, Crawford, Punto and Beckett. To me this seems like an impressive financial move for the Red Sox, but only if the prospects turn out.

Allen Webster, 23, and Ivan De La Rosa, 24, proved to have the potential the Red Sox seek for the 2013 season.  Sent to the minors this year the players are proving their worth, and expect to be on the team this season.  Both Webster and De La Rosa have strong right arms and deem stable for the defensive team.  Christian Vasquez, 22, (not a part of the deal), was also sent to the minors to improve the team’s status, and is also expected to come up to the big league this season.  Vasquez is known for his forceful throwing arm.

What a rush! I’ll be curious to see how things pan out.  This was a grave move.  Hopefully we see the results needed to craft a winning team.

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