Game 6: We Made It!

Game 6

Red Sox make it to the World Series, Game 6

It’s Soxtober and the train to North Station was bustling from end to end on Saturday night with all types of characters ready and eager to watch the Sox kick some Tiger butt. I’ve never seen the train so full. Packed like a herd of cattle being shoved off to the slaughterhouse. Let’s go Red Sox!

Onward! The green line was even busier than the station. A sea of red dissipates. We were packed like sardines with barely any room to breathe. There was a couple from Delaware, unbeknownst to what they got themselves into as they took a lovely fall vacation to Boston. It just so happened that their getaway fell on the most important day in baseball history. They had no clue as to what was going on; why the train was busier than any given weekday in New York  City. Then there was the public accountant, dressed from head to toe in Red Sox gear.  He was on his way to meet 8 of his friends to reap the benefits of his lucky draw. His office raffled off the tickets where he became the fortunate winner.

As the train moved closer and closer to our destination of Fenway Park, the sea of red grew stronger and stronger. In the midst of it all I had to take a moment to soak it all in. It wasn’t that I had tickets to the game, but instead I was there to see it all up close and personal. I wanted to be at the ballpark in spirit. Upon entering Kenmore, the sea of red dispersed abruptly. The sights, the sounds and the smells were like no other as I stepped into the open air. Immediately the attention grew and the crowd raced to Landsdowne and Yawkey Way. I think the entire Boston Police force was out to protect our city and to keep things clean and ,of course, watch a bit of the Sox or as much as they could while remaining on duty.

This was surely a night to remember. As I walked down Landsdowne in the bottom of the fifth inning, after catching a glimpse of the game at Jerry Remy’s, I heard the crowds in the stands go wild, followed by an uproar of boos. What just happened, I wondered. (Dustin Pedroia hit a foul ball which was inches away from being a homerun.)

Seventh inning stretch: I was getting a little antsy. After all, the crowd seemed unnerved. Franklin Morales took over and the score was now 2-1, Tigers. That’s the last I heard before I had to leave to make it back to the station before the stampede.

On Sunday, the day after the Red Sox won game 6 of the ALCS, I was in Kenmore where there was a lull. The aftermath; I never made it to my train, but the Sox made it to the World Series. It’s unfathomable at this point – how far they made it this year. It’s almost over, their season, but we have a lot to say – we are a city, we are a team and the Sox are taking it ALL THE WAY HOME!

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