Has Jake Peavy Stabilized the Five-Man Rotation?

jake peavy

Jake Peavy finally impressed me. It took a visit to Fenway Park, to seem him in person, to win me over. Great velocity, great command during the Saturday, August 31st game against Chicago sealed the deal.

Now, I said I was impressed. Still, I am skeptical. Sources said this wasn’t nearly his best outing. I thought Peavy looked strong on Saturday, which makes sense as he pitches more games for Boston. The numbers with previous teams he played with do not lie. They show a hot and cold record. Perhaps, now, in the right ball club Peavy can really come in to his own. This may be the right team and the right time. “May” being the operative word.

I watched him on Thursday, September 6th against the New York Yankees. He did a solid job, but I felt he needed to be pulled from game in the sixth inning. Peavy cannot go into the seventh due, in part, to his age and to his command. Things got a bit wonky with accuracy at the top of the 7th. The game was not a tight one, so I understand why management left him on the mound. Things got carried away quickly. It was not like we had a 14 run lead.

In conclusion, my skepticism remains intact, but is more specified.  Peavy cannot go into later innings. He cannot go past the 6th inning, or can he?

How does the team ensure that it’s starting pitchers stay on pace for the playoffs?

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