Holding On To Derrik Gibson Could Finally Pay Off

derrik gibsonThe Boston Red Sox had high hopes for their 2008 MLB draft class. So far, almost none of these picks have paid off. There is only one player who the Red Sox drafted that year who is now a consistent player on an MLB roster. That man is Yan Gomes. Yes, Yan Gomes, the Cleveland Indians catcher. To add insult to injury, he did not even sign with the Boston Red Sox. With this being said, it looks like the 2008 MLB draft for the Red Sox was a complete and utter failure. Luckily for Boston, there is still hope. There are two Minor League players in the Red Sox have who could still make an impact on the Major League team and they are Christian Vazquez and Derrik Gibson. Of these men Vazquez is definitely the more well-known, but do not discount Derrik Gibson, who the Red Sox picked in the second round in that draft.
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Gibson, 24, entered his seventh professional season this year, his third in AA Portland. For the longest time it appeared as though Gibson was nothing more than a roster filler, but now he is proving his worth. The utility man, who now primarily roams the outfield, is tearing the cover off the ball hitting .324 while boasting a .413 OBP in 61 games for the Sea Dogs. Although he has been picked off seven times in 14 stolen base attempts, Gibson is fast whether or not it translates well on the base paths.

It is worth noting that Gibson is demolishing left-handed pitching. In 83 at-bats against southpaws, the Delaware native his hitting .410 with a .474 OBP. With a sample size this large, his splits do not appear as a coincidence especially since he hit .342 off them with an even better .480 OBP in 102 at-bats last year.
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As Derrik Gibson keeps doing what he is doing, the future looks bright for him. Although he may not play in the big leagues this year, his 2014 campaign could definitely put him in the position to be on the Red Sox short list of potential call-ups. This year, Gibson could be promoted to AAA Pawtucket, especially if they give one of the veteran guys the boot.

Overall, drafting Derrik Gibson was a great move by Boston. Although his development has taken some time, he is finally producing on a consistent basis against tough competition. Since he is a lefty killer, Gibson could make a name for himself as a platoon player someday down the line. Given his versatility, Gibson could platoon at a number positions making him even more valuable to the Red Sox. Despite not faring well in the 2008 draft, the Red Sox second round pick has the chance to make a name for himself in Major League Baseball.

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