How I Choose My All-Star Game Rosters

all-star game rosters

How do you pick your All-Star game rosters? On the American League side, do you choose only Red Sox players and just click on any player’s name when no more Sox players remain? Or do you choose the best players across the board, on the American League and National League sides? The way I vote evolved over the years.

In the past, as a youth, I would choose the best players for the American and National Leagues. During the last few years, I have voted for mostly Red Sox players in the American League.  I do not know why I have become so loyal to the home team. I guess I am blinded by the love I have for Boston baseball. It may be due to the World Series wins of 2004 and 2007, or just simply because it is easier.

Thanks to technology, voting for your all-star game picks is so much easier. I remember as a child, when they would pass the punch cards around Fenway Park. A stack of cards went around the park from fan to fan. It was like being at one big Italian, family-style dinner. Please pass the olive oil and keep the focaccia bread coming.

I remember poking out holes for those, who I felt, were the best players in the league. I had a better sense of the other players throughout major league baseball because I collected baseball cards.  Players like Bo Jackson (Remember those ‘Bo knows Reading’ posters they used to have in the library. It was pretty much Bo knows everything. Ick. Enough, we get it.), Frank Thomas, Don Mattingly, among others were in my collection. Picks were made solely on name recognition, discussions with my brother, and whether or not I held their card in my collection. Then I started collecting basketball cards. Yeah, don’t ask. I don’t know.

Today it is different. I recognize some, but not all, of the players’ names in both leagues. For the names I do know, it is due to reputation. For others, I must read more about them on the Internet. There I can learn stats and the latest news about the nominated players. The decisions I make are more informed and less superficial. That is, except for this whole infatuation with my beloved Red Sox. We all have weaknesses. This is mine.

Hi, my name is Kara, and I am addicted to the Red Sox. Last week, I overindulged. ::Tears streaming down my face:: I did “write-in” on my ballot. It was Daniel Nava. Whew, that was good to get out. Thanks!

All comedy aside, how do make your choices for the All-Star Team?

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