How to be a Well Dressed Boston Red Sox Fan

well dressed

Photo taken by Suzanne Kreitter/Boston Globe.

It’s the beginning of the season and all of the die hard Red Sox fans are out.  How do we know? It’s in the way they dress. The caps are on, the hoodies are up due to the chill in the air and the socks with the logo embroidered on the side are tightly stretched from heel to toe. (Let alone the fans are all standing outside in the freezing rain at Yawkey Way in line to purchase their season’s tickets if they haven’t already, but that’s beside the point) The ladies all wear the pink t-shirts with the blue writing while the men tend to be more traditional and wear the authentic white uniform shirt with the red lining around the collar and down the middle, and red lettering.  Anyone can ‘dress’ for the game but a well dressed Red Sox fan incorporates all the paraphernalia they’ve conjured over the years to show their dedication.

So if you are not quite sure what to wear to the game or even on the street during the season and would like to be considered a well dressed Boston Red Sox fan here’s the scoop.  You don’t have to go too crazy (at first anyway) although it may be a bit fun.

Start with the basics.  This includes the signature Boston Red Sox hat.  Pick your color and your fit.  What shade of pink goes with your complexity or what color will stave you away from the sun at those grueling games when summer hits? Would you prefer a fleece lining, fitted or adjustable?  To continue, it’s definitely the shirt that makes the fan. I know at times many men don’t wear one at all and instead paint their bodies with the Red Sox logo or a big ‘B’ tattooed to their chest, but for those who would like to keep their clothes on it’s all in the shirt and what player you choose. Ladies would you like it fitted, V-neck, long-sleeve or short? Men would you like a Henley long-sleeve or a hyper-cool performance t-shirt?  Alas, for those beginning of the season games and chilly night games definitely go with the fleece hoodie sweatshirt. One that’s one size too big for extra warmth.

So there you have it. This should be a good start anyway, (and you can even throw in a pair of those comfy blue fleece sweatpants with “Boston” written down the side of the leg.) No matter what you choose to begin your journey toward becoming a well dressed Red Sox fan there is a style for everyone.  Be unique!  Be yourself! And we’ll see you at the games!

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