Initiation of a Red Sox Fan

Red Sox fan

Fans wait for the start of a rain delayed baseball game between the Boston Red Sox and Cleveland Indians at Fenway Park in Boston, Friday, May 24, 2013. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

At the start of the season I was taken aback by an email I received from the editor of the Yawkey Way Report. It  stated I was to write for the Boston Red Sox for the 2013 season. I was ecstatic, for the one thing I knew,  I was going to be forced to become a Red Sox fan.

I would like to tell you my background before you wonder how it would be possible to go from not a fan at all to a diehard fan without knowing much about anything. I grew up playing softball.  From age 3 until 18 I was on top of my game. I joined the high school softball league at Beverly High in Beverly, and from freshman year on I played right field on varsity.  I did not continue in college, but my love for the game remained.  So when I say I was initiated, I already had an idea of what I was getting myself into. My parents don’t appreciate the sport despite the fact two of their three daughters played forever, so I never had the opportunity to go a game at Fenway. It would only be until I found myself dating a die hard Red Sox fan when I was in my twenties that I got to go to the famed park.  It was love at first game, but as the relationship drifted the interest was lost.  Years passed and I found myself wrapped up in ‘more important’ things. Like what? I don’t know what’s more important than the Red Sox now. I guess that means I truly am the die hard fan I never saw myself being, looking back. Now, if I am in the car I immediately turn the station to WEEI 93.7, and if I really want to see a game (not having a t.v), I embrace my parents with my presence.  In other words, I don’t miss a day of Red Sox.

To make a long story short, this year is my year to get back onboard.  Thanks to Yawkey Way Report my passion for the game has come alive again.  I know the players, I love the game, I get frustrated when a bad play or call is made, I get excited when David Ortiz hits a homerun and when Dustin Pedroia dives head on for a line drive. I think no matter what happens after this season, I will always and forever be a Red Sox fan.

Thank you Yawkey Way Report!

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