Is Napoli Taking a Nap?


Is it two thumbs up or down for Mike Napoli? Courtesy of


Mike Napoli, are you taking a Nap? To add insult to possible injury, we saw you consorting with the enemy’s mascot, Orbit of the Houston Astros while stretching before a game you didn’t play in on Wednesday.  Mike, over the last month your highest numbers fall into the walk column. In July, things were looking good. You were on a bit more solid footing with RBIs, making good contact to get on base, and move your teammates along.

What’s going on pal? The Red Sox are paying you $5 million this year. We went over this earlier this year. You need to rise to the occasion. Jonny Gomes found his way out of his slump. Now it is your turn. I mean you have to feel kind of bad when Stephen Drew is out stroking you at the plate. Come on, bring back the old Nap, we know and love.

You can do this. Against the Royals on Friday night you had a 3 RBIs and scored 1 run during your 3 plate appearances. Then, Saturday and Sunday you went back to your old ways; whiffing during 3 out of 4 plate appearances on Saturday and walking a couple of times on Sunday.  It looked like you were going to turn things around. You don’t need to show us you are a tough guy. Home runs are not that important to today’s baseball. How many times do I need to say this?  I feel like a broken record. Focus on fundamentals, made good contact, and get on base. Please.

I know all too well how hard it is to come out of a slump. I experienced one this summer, too. The difference between you and me, though, is that you can devote all your time to your sport, while I cannot do that until I retire from my day job. Ok, Nap, let’s put some quality time together in the batting cages, during batting practice, and at the plate. If you need some medical attention, talk to the trainer. Shake what your mother gave ya and swing for the fences.

Red Sox Nation wants to believe in Mike Napoli again.

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