Jackie Bradley Jr. snubbed of Gold Glove Award

jackie bradley jrThe hitting bias continues when it comes to voting for the Gold Glove Award and it is a shame.
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Boston Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia won his fourth career Gold Glove, which is all well and good, but the bad outweighs the good. Jackie Bradley Jr. was snubbed of the award as Adam Jones won it for the center field spot.

Pedroia joins Dwight Evans (eight), Carl Yastrzemski (seven) and Fred Lynn (four) as four-time Red Sox Gold Glove winners, but it seems Jackie Bradley Jr., who was the best defensive center fielder in the game, was denied a Gold Glove.

Playing 113 games in center field, Jackie Bradley Jr. made 105 starts and committed just one error on the season while turning eight double plays and recording 13 assists. To put it this way, Bradley made two more assists and turned five more double plays than any other center fielder in the game.

Had Bradley hit better than he did (.198 in 127 games), he would have had a much better shot for two reasons. First of all there is a bit of an offensive bias when it comes to the Gold Glove Award and also had Bradley hit better, he would have been in the Red Sox lineup more often than he was. Had Bradley been a .250 hitter, he would not have been sent down to Pawtucket in August and would have turned even more double plays and recorded more assists than he did.

In contrast, although Adam Jones was an above-average center fielder he does not seem deserving of the award. He did play 155 games in center field, but committed six errors on the year. Sure his seven assists and three double plays are impressive, but hitting .281 with nearly 30 home runs did not exactly work against Jones here.

If numbers alone are not enough to warrant a Gold Glove Award, then check out this throw by Jackie Bradley Jr. which may help out his case.


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