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Jackie Bradley Jr

There is just something about Jackie Bradley Jr. He steps up to the plate on Monday, March 11th and in the first inning, within moments of the start of the game, he hits a home run. Then later, he gets up again, and hits a RBI. Tuesday he had a solid outing making contact with the ball and getting on base. His defensive work has been consistent and laudable by many reliable sources.

jackie bradley jr.

Jenny Dell of NESN interviews Jackie Bradley Jr. Courtesy of nesn.com

He is causing quite the stir on Twitter with a hashtag campaign #KeepJBJ, trying to send a message to John Farrell to keep him up in the majors. The jaded Boston media are even falling in love with this kid. The people have spoken. They keep speaking since he is simply undeniable. Yes, I want him to come to Boston, too, but I also want money to grow on trees. I don’t believe it is going to happen, so Rhode Island better get ready for him. They may have to push back the state borders because this kid is swinging, batting .536 (15-for-28). June could be the month that he comes to Fenway. Everyone looking to buy tickets to watch a game at Fenway, go in June. The weather is more stable by then, and the organization may just give Bradley Jr. the playing time that he deserves.

If the powers that be take their time, and he comes up in late May or June, (here I am already pushing the date up), he will achieve the same height of fandom that Jacoby Ellsbury enjoyed in 2007. They were right with their timing with Ellsbury, and that is what they should do with Bradley Jr.  Clearly, this is my measured, logical side talking. My emotional side wants him in the starting nine.

In the meantime, run don’t walk, to Pawtucket and buy those tickets. You can get great seats at reasonable prices, not to mention eat without breaking the bank, while watching this well-rounded up and comer.

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