Jake Peavy’s Duck Boat is Making A Splash in Alabama

jake peavy duck boat

From the Charles River to the Alabama River, the $75,000.00 duck boat has made its way via flatbed to Jake Peavy’s 5,000 acre ranch in Southwestern Alabama. Now he has massive plans to showcase the boat and keep it as a fine piece of memorabilia in his family. But first it’s off to Texas for a detailed paint job.

It wasn’t easy finding the right fit for the job but alas success. Although friend and teammate Johnny Gomes, while visiting Peavy at his ranch, took a stab at it and didn’t do so bad, sources say; It just needs to be slightly more professional and that requires a little more than a friend’s input. ‘Red Sox’, ‘Boston Strong’, a silhouette of the World Series trophy and pictures of players and their families are planned to showcase on Peavy’s new addition to the ranch.

So, if you thought, “What the duck was he thinking when he bought the thing,” or “It was definitely an impulsive buy”, think again. Ever since he was transferred to Boston from the Chicago White Sox he knew he wanted a piece of history and he knew he was going to have that boat by season’s end. Not only that but Johnny Gomes and Jon Lester persuaded Peavy to follow through with his plans after the parade.

It was the happiest time in his life, winning the World Series, Peavy notes and he wants to share the moment with his kids, his grandkids, their kids and so on. Besides, he was told by the woman who sold him the boat it was active at Normandy in World War II. Peavy’s dad is a huge history buff therefore it was only right to give him a piece of his passion.

Aside from being memorabilia passed down from one generation to the next, sources say, when Peavy retires from baseball he wants to hold a kid’s summer camp on his ranch. The boat will not only be an item to tour for spectators (and a boat to party on with Gomes and others) but it will also be a big part of the camp. Seeing as it rides in water and on land along with the fact that the ranch is 5,000 acres of placid lakes and serene landscape already fit with a bowling alley, swimming pool and arcade (and he’s planning on building a mini Fenway Park), it’s only right to introduce it to the kids.

How exciting would that be? As a kid or even as an adult, to be able to ride on the boat that once traveled the streets of Boston as the Red Sox rode by a crowd of cheers and chants over their 2013 World Series victory? That’s pretty cool!

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