Jason Varitek Managing Padres A Stepping Stone?

jason varitekRecently, there has been some talk of the San Diego Padres not exercising current manager Bud Black’s 2015 option so that they can get a new skipper. Among the possible replacements for Black is former Boston Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek.

Black, 57, has managed the Padres for seven years and has compiled a record of 615-677, good for a .476 winning percentage. Never once has he led his team to the postseason.
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Right now, the Padres are sitting at a 75-82 record, meaning there is no chance they break .500 this season. This means the chances of San Diego looking elsewhere for a skipper are good.

Varitek, 42, has no coaching experience, but served as the captain of the Boston Red Sox from 2005-2011. In 15 years for Boston, Varitek served as the team’s starting catcher from 1999 to 2009. He hit .256/.341/.435 while clubbing 193 home runs, setting a Red Sox team record by catching in 1488 games. He is currently semi-retired, but works as a special assistant to Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington.

One big advantage ‘Tek has over his competitors is connections. Padres CEO Mike Dee, worked for the Red Sox as a chief operating officer from 2002-2009.
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Ever since Varitek was on the decline late in his career, it appeared as though he would be a big league manager someday — mostly because Boston kept him around.

He has the leadership skills and the baseball IQ to lead a team. This is the same guy who caught four no-hitters and was the starting catcher on two World Series teams.

There is no debate as to whether or not Jason Varitek would be an effective manager. His leadership skills are unprecedented and so is his knowledge of the game.
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Perhaps managing the Padres could be a stepping stone to the job of his dreams — managing the Boston Red Sox. It seems like a match made in Heaven for the two parties to reunite at some point. Right now it seems like “if” is not the matter of the question, but it is “when” it will occur.

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