Should Jeff Driskel Come Back To Baseball?

jeff driskelAfter a dismal performance against Alabama, Florida Gators quarterback Jeff Driskel may want to reconsider the generous offer he received from the Boston Red Sox last year.

Completing 9-of-28 passing attempts while throwing a pair of interceptions, last Saturday was not a good day for the red shirt junior. To top it all off, he threw for less than 100 yards (93).
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Despite his struggles, it is clear Jeff Driskel is a lucky man. In addition to leading his team to the Sugar Bowl as a sophomore, the red shirt junior was selected in the MLB draft in 2013—meaning he has the potential to go pro in either sport. Although the chances of the outfielder ever playing in a pro baseball game are slim, it may be an opportunity he takes up if he does not make it in the NFL.

Being an NFL quarterback is a tough business and only the top guys make the cut.

Baseball on the other hand is a bit easier. Many players are called upon and the best players make it from there. Although there are less spots at the top level, having so many stops in the minor leagues makes it easier to find out who is ready for the top.

As a baseball player, Jeff Driskel is very talented. Four years ago he topped out at 94 mph on the mound, ran a 6.5 60-yard dash and hit a 470-foot home run.
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It appeared as though Driskel would be a top round pick in the 2011 MLB draft, but he left high school early to enroll at Florida. Still, he got drafted eventually whether or not he wanted the call.

Driskel has this year and the following year left as far as football eligibility is concerned, and football is first for him right now. Since he does not project as an NFL player, perhaps he gives baseball a try and pursues a career as an MLB player.
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He seems more gifted in baseball anyways and, luckily for Boston given that they drafted him, he would be a member of the Red Sox organization if he wishes to come back into the game of baseball.

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