Does Jemile Weeks have a place with Boston going forward?

Jemile WeeksJemile Weeks has essentially been this year’s version of Quentin Berry. For those unfamiliar with Berry’s role with Boston in ’13, he was used specifically for pinch-running purposes. That’s what Weeks has become in ’14, and while Berry’s tenure in Boston came to an abrupt end after the Red Sox’ World Series run, Jemile possibly has a future beyond the remainder of this lost year.

For one, he won’t be a free agent until 2019, but that’s useless unless he performs well. He lived up to that expectation in ’11, his rookie season, but since then has been unable to thrive in the majors. Well, actually, after Weeks produced an abysmal 73 wRC+, in 2012, he hasn’t been given ample opportunities. In fact, he’s played in just 15 games between 2013 and 2014.

It doesn’t make much sense considering his unsustainable .256 BABIP in the ’12 season and his consistent minor-league production. Yet that’s the circumstance Weeks has found himself in; just or unjust as it may be.

For some reason, however, there’s this misconception brewing that he’s a lost case from an offensive perspective. That’s far from the truth, and he’s hit in every level of the minors at an above-average rate. So, why, hasn’t he been given another chance?

That much I can’t explain, but do strongly believe he could get that chance with the Boston Red Sox in the role of a bench player. He’s quick and has offensive potential to be a prosperous major-leaguer. The question, though, remains: will the Red Sox capitalize on this gift they’ve been given in Jemile Weeks?

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