Jerry Remy is Back in the Booth

jerry remy

You don’t realize you miss something until it’ss gone. In this case it was Jerry Remy, who works alongside Don Orsillo calling games for the Boston Red Sox on NESN. Remy was out sick during most of the month of June. During the games he missed, a few radio and other NESN personalities sat in his place. Some of those that took the Remdawg’s seat talked too little, others talked far too much. Still others had voices like nails on chalkboard. It just wasn’t the same.

Don and Jerry get it just right.

Don and Jerry know when to allow silence. Many broadcasters fear this “dead air.” Viewers most definitely saw this with some of the personalities that sat in for Jerry during his bout of pneumonia. Don and Jerry know it is okay to shut up, once in a while, throughout the broadcast. They are both very funny at times and talk about silly topics, but are also very attentive to the game. Don and Jerry have just the right timbre of voices for calling games. This is very important to me. I like a deeper voice and they both have it. Other teams, like the Yankees, are not so blessed (so I hear from the New York radio personalities that I listen to). These guys know the game and make it an experience for the viewers, and the fans at the game, too. Jerry likes to buy hot dogs for fans that hold up signs asking for them.

When I’ve had a tough day and just want to relax, not be overwhelmed by too much noise from the tube, I know where to turn. Don and Jerry have lulled me to sleep some nights, calmed my nerves, and made me laugh on days I have been down.

Welcome back to the booth, Jerry. Please take care of yourself. New Englanders want to hear more of you and Don each night when we tune in to NESN. You are both a big part of Red Sox nation.

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