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We have not seen, nor heard, a whole lot from John Farrell. I am glad, especially after a season of Mr. Press Conference, himself, Bobby V.  If people are not talking, it tends to mean they are busy working. Those are the coaches and managers that are successful. The low-profile students of the game, that when asked a question by the media have a concise, serious answer that gives just enough information to satisfy the reporter.

The manager’s focus should be on strategy. Farrell has a keen perspective on the game, having been a pitching coach and manager. We can only guess, based on the style of play observed by these Red Sox, how he is coaching his players. He was a pitching coach, so he knows the defensive side well. He knows how pitchers and catchers work together, what the in-field or outfield may expect, too. In addition, that information about pitching can be used towards understanding the offensive perspective. Farrell knows which pitches players most often try to hit. He would be more capable, in real time, to tell the batter what best to do based on pitch count, a pitcher’s pattern, and other factors he may pick up just watching the game unfold.

It seems more hits have been made in the first two games. Good, bad or indifferent, these hits got players on base. Conservative play at the plate is not a bad thing. Yes, the crowds want home runs, but as I have stated in a previous post, teams do not need home runs, just a runner crossing home plate. We need wins, and in that department Farrell managed well in these first two games of the season.

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