John Farrell, The Leader of the Pack

John Farrell

There is no comparison to make when it comes to managers John Farrell and Bobby Valentine, so let’s not make assumptions and let’s just cut to the chase.  John Farrell, the 46th manager of the Boston Red Sox is, by far, one of the most confident, casual and clairvoyant managers in baseball this season.  He’s got his players under a spell and we’re watching him like a hawk; a spell in which he leads the Red Sox from a grueling season in 2012 to an outstanding 2013.  His offense is stellar and pitching remarkable.  Clay Buchholtz may be injured right now, but Jon Lester remains as a fantastic starter.  The offense is one of the best in the AL East.  As of June 11, 2013 the Red Sox held a record of 147 doubles and 47 home runs.

But this isn’t about stats.  Instead, this is about a respectable, trustworthy, humble and honorable man who has

John Farrell

The Red Sox and Phillies paid tribute to veterans on Memorial Day, wearing uniforms and caps that featured US Marine Corps military camouflage.

instilled camaraderie within a clubhouse which was once in disarray. Leading into the 2013 season, it seemed as though John Farrell was up against a brick wall.  His team was beat. There was lack of sportsmanship amongst the players and his DH, David Ortiz, was on the DL. Thankfully, Farrell had been the Sox’ pitching coach in years passed and players like Clay Buccholz and Jon Lester knew of his style and respected him as a coach for what he could bring to the table.  In an interview with Mr. Farrell, back in October, he discussed his strategy to bring the Sox to the playoffs for the first time in three seasons. He has to know the individual players.  He has to know what went wrong last season to get to the bottom of things, to get to the top.  He knew of the lackluster, Bobby Valentine, a poor excuse, and he knew that the, “clubhouse culture had to be changed” states David Ortiz.

John FarrellIt’s July 16, midseason, the All-Star game was Monday at Citi Field; Buchholz, although injured, Pedroia and Ortiz will be in attendance. The Sox are up 58-38 in the AL East, and the playoffs are just around the bend.   As I said before, there is no comparison to make between the two managers, Farrell and Bobby V. Case in point, Farrell “sets a good precedent for leadership”, so let’s stop and pay homage to our humble manager.

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