John Lackey Whines; Pedroia, Ellsbury Show True Grit

John Lackey

Jacoby Ellsbury steals five bases on Thursday’s game.

In one corner we have the pathetic John Lackey placing blame on Citizens Bank Field in Philadelphia for his poor performance during his last start. And in the other corner we have Dustin Pedroia playing the first 56 games of the season with a torn ligament without complaint.

We have all sorts of personalities on this Red Sox team, from ego-mania to pure grit. Thus far the players kept their lips sealed regarding complaints. I think that is a testament to John Farrell’s positive example and leadership. I really thought all the excuses and nonsense left with the departure of Bobby Valentine until I heard Felger and Mazz discussing this Lackey’s dislike with the architecture of the stadium. What a whiner.  Grab your binky and go back to the nursery.

Our roster is patched together right now, so we do not need Lackey adding insult to injury with his blubbering excuses. Players like Dustin Pedroia and Jacoby Ellsbury bring it, and leave it all on the field. Ellsbury played so hard that he pulled his groin on a record-breaking fifth stolen base during Thursday night’s game. No excuses there. No blaming the bag or the field conditions for his injury.

The Sox do not have times for prima-donnas. We only have time for performers.

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