Jonny Gomes: Lefty Killer?

gomesThis year, on paper, Boston Red Sox outfield Jonny Gomes is not having a great year. The higlight of his season in the eyes of many was wearing an American Flag blazer to the whitehouse when the team met with president Obama. He is hitting .232 in 59 games with a .333 OBP and five homers. In a weak outfield, it looks like his job on the team might not be safe.
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Take a second look at Jonny Gomes, and he is more valuable. In an equal amount of at-bats between lefties and righties, Gomes is hitting just .159 of righties with a mere .245 OBP and a .305 average with a .416 OBP off of lefties. Having a lefty specialist on the Red Sox will definitely help them in the long run as Gomes should be able to compliment their starters if they have every day guys who can hit a baseball.

Since Gomes has an equal number of at-bats against both lefties and righties, manager John Farrell is making a mistake. There is no reason why Gomes should be facing righties unless Boston is in dire need of a player. This way, Gomes can stay on the bench as a possible pinch hitter for games he does not start in. He came up clutch a number of times in 2013, so it seems likely that he can come up big again for the team sometime soon.
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On a Red Sox team that will need to do some serious roster crunching soon, Jonny Gomes should be safe. He owns one of the highest averages on the team against lefties. Also, he gets on base at a reasonable clip (.333) and provides the team with a solid power bat off the bench. His trade value is not spectacularly high, but if it is then they should consider trading him; he is a luxury they can live without.

Overall, Jonny Gomes is a valuable player to the Boston Red Sox, the one catch is he has to be used right. When put into a situation which does not work for him, he will not do anything. When Gomes is comfortable and the splits are in his favor, he instantly transforms into one of the best players in the league.

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