Jose Iglesias Headed to Rhode Island

Jose Iglesias

Jose Iglesias is being moved down to Pawtucket? Really, is this happening? Yes, the Sox have optioned him to Pawtucket to give Stephen Drew his first start with Boston tonight, Wednesday, at shortstop.

I am truly beside myself. I saw Iglesias play and found him to embody what it means to be a baseball player, from the way he throws to his build. I realize they signed Drew at the major league level, but he missed all of Spring Training because of this concussion. Now we are all left with whiplash after today’s decision. The decision seems to reek of front office politics. Are they forcing Farrell to play him? Farrell has made great pitching decisions for the rest of the week, placing Alfredo Aceves in the rotation to start Thursday’s game. That was a good decision; this Drew thing seems too much of a gamble.

Defensively, I think we will see this to be a bad move. Iglesias’ is an important part of that infield.¬†Iglesias’ batting average is .450 but some say this is inflated by bunts, and that he is not all that great at the plate. It is about getting on base. If you are not on base, you cannot score a run. That is what really matters. Still, he is batting .450.

Jose Iglesias

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If Drew is as reliable as his brother, then we may be in for some trouble. It will be an interesting game tonight. I am glad that he did so well in Portland, but up in Boston it is a whole different ball game. The big, bright city lights may be too much for him.

What do you think about this move?

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