Jose Iglesias Takes to the Spotlight, but is He Ready?

Jose Iglesias

In two games, Iglesias has five hits in nine at-bats.
Photo by Jim Davis/Globe Staff

Jose Iglesias and Dustin Pedroia have been working alongside one another since the beginning of the off season.  Stephen Drew signed a 9.5 million dollar contract despite his injury in spring training.  Is Jose Iglesias ready to take to the big league or does he still have much to work on?  In an interview by Jose McDonald, ESPN Boston, Pedroia states Iglesias has a lot to work on to move up to the big leagues.  He still has room for vast improvement and being down in Triple A Pawtucket will allow for time to do just that.  Or will it? Due to Iglesia’s confidence level being up in the majors for the first two victories of the season, the question stands, will being sent back to the minors disprove his worth or will it truly be an encouragement to work harder for 2014?

“I feel pretty good,” he said. “I know what I got to do — move runners and be on base. I have my confidence back and that’s a good thing.”
That’s just it, he now has his confidence. Now what? Does he lose it if he has to go back to Pawtucket? Does he lose his momentum and rhythm?

Despite Thursday night’s loss to the Yankees, the Sox remain on top with a 2-1 victory for the series and both Jose Iglesias and Jackie Bradley Jr. have a lot to do with it.  Jose Iglesias, for instance, proved his worth when in the three game series in New York this past week he claimed a total of five hits in nine at bats. In the 25 games in spring training, Iglesias had nine RBI’s, and hit .294. For a 22 year old rookie that’s superb! Then why is he potentially returning to Triple A Pawtucket?

You don’t sacrifice years of a star for the sake of rushing a prospect.

Stephen Drew, despite his injury, is an all-star veteran who signed a 9.5 million dollar contract for the Red Sox this season.  John Farrell knows what he is doing.  He is confident that Drew will overcome his concussion and be back on the field as the Red Sox take to Fenway on Monday, April 8.  Although there are questions about whether or not Iglesias can stay on target and if they should keep him on the bench where he is idle, or send him back to the minors where he can work to improve, Farrell and others like Dustin Pedroia agree Drew cannot and will not lose his job over an injury, and he will be starting come April 8, after his trip to Portland, Maine.

It is a predicament for Iglesias, for he is trying incredibly hard to be a part of something bigger than he is.  He wants so bad to help a struggling team to get themselves back on their feet and make it to the playoffs. What is your take on the situation? Does he go to Triple A or should he continue to endure the opportunity to fight?

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