Just An Average Wednesday Night Red Sox Game

Red Sox game

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Watching Wednesday night’s Red Sox game with a friend, he said “That’s your story,” referring to Daniel Nava’s bomb scoring two runs for the team.  I didn’t want to believe it. I felt there had to be more to come as the Red Sox were still in the early innings against the Rays. Surely Jacoby Ellsbury would do something exciting. He has so much to prove during this contract year.  Ellsbury stole two bases, which for most guys is a big deal, for him it’s just another day at work. Perhaps, Alfredo Aceves would pitch a fit (get it!). Nope, he kept his temper, and pitched a great game, despite a tough home plate umpire. How about Will Middlebrooks? He’s got something to prove. No, it seems he told Rob Bradford that he has a fire in his belly and is ready to compete, after coming off the DL. As Elvis Presley sang, “A little less conversation, a little more action please.”

We’ll see about you, Will.

Wednesday’s game was not all that exciting in the sense of big, splashy plays and home runs. It was a win. As long as defense and consistency are present, average athletic performance can work in your favor.

Another sure sign it was an average game – the Bruins Stanley cup game scored higher and lasted longer.

I am just fine with average, so long as it means a win.

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