Keep An Eye Out For Manuel Margot

manuel margotWhen people think of the Boston Red Sox farm system, they tend to think of the plethora of talented pitchers that they have amassed in the high minors. What some fail to realize is that the club has some hidden gems in the lower minors. Most of these players are raw, but a few in particular stand out. One of these men is outfielder Manuel Margot.
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Margot, who is just 19-years-old, is an outfielder for the low-A Greenville Drive. Although the Dominican prospect is on the younger side in the South Atlantic League, he is holding his own in full season pro baseball. The center fielder is producing impressive numbers, hitting .271 in 69 games while posting a .336 OBP. He also has clipped seven homeruns, 22 total extra base hits, and he has swept 26 bases on 32 attempts.

As far as a scouting report goes, Manuel Margot is a five-tool, all around impressive player. He makes good contact, shows some serious power potential, steals bases, plays great defense in center field, and boasts a solid arm. Margot also does arguably the most important thing for a prospect to do: draws walks. Plate discipline is highly important in Major League Baseball and only the prospects who have it end up making it far in the big leagues.
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Of course that is all well and good, but Margot also has a lean frame, is athletic, and is constantly improving. All of these together add up to one thing: projectibility. This means that he should be able to progress at a steady rate unlike some prospects who plateau in AA. The sky is the limit for the young outfielder who is still a long ways away from Major League Baseball, but if he keeps up what he is doing he certainly has a future in the game.

Overall, Manuel Margot might just be one of the most intriguing prospects in the Boston Red Sox organization. He does it all and could be a great outfielder for the Red Sox one day. Whether Margot is a power hitter, base stealer, defensive specialist or contact hitter it does not matter, he has a future in the game. It is surprising that he is not higher on the Red Sox prospects list as he is arguably the best outfield prospect in the entire Boston Red Sox organization.


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