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John Lackey

John Lackey of the Boston Red Sox made his season debut on Saturday against the Toronto Blue Jays. His outing was cut short in the 5th inning when he hurt his throwing arm on a wild pitch. According to NESN’s Jenny Dell, Lackey suffered a right bicep strain, which has to be a relief to everyone. Lackey went 4.1 innings, giving up 2 runs on 5 hits while striking out 8.

We still aren’t sure of John Lackey’s arm injury, but word around town is there is a strain in his right biceps brachii.  What does this mean? Well, hoping that’s all it is, it means John Lackey still has a chance of being the Sox’ starting pitcher as the team heads for Boston today for Opening Day. Although that may be, it’s still concerning to the team due to his previous Tommy John surgery on his elbow. Those who have undergone the surgery, like Lackey, have felt discomfort in the biceps post surgery. However, they still don’t know if there is any connection.  We are eagerly awaiting the results.


Increasing pain in the front of your shoulder or in your biceps due to overuse is a biceps strain or tendinitis. Lifting objects over your head causes symptoms to worsen.  A common cause of a biceps strain, besides overuse,  is poor mechanics.  Throwing (as in John Lackey’s case) is a prime action that could impose this inflammation.  The biceps brachii muscle is composed of two muscles, the long head and short head, which are attached to the front of the shoulder and elbow via tendons. The tendons are most vulnerable to a biceps strain during a fast or sudden movement where the arm is raised overhead and dragged across the body such as a throwing motion. 

Lackey’s MRI in Boston was scheduled for yesterday morning, April 7 at 11:00 A.M.  The results should be in soon and I will keep you posted, but as we stay put for the news, we have to cheer on the rest of the players, as they arrive home to play the Baltimore Orioles this afternoon.

One last question: if John Lackey is out, who will take his spot in the line up? Will it be Alfredo Acevez or Alan Webster?

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