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Amidst the Red Sox recent hot streak, one player is still conspicuously absent: de facto captain Dustin Pedroia. He’s eligible to return for this weekend’s series against the New York Yankees, but the question remains: Will he?

He was taking ground balls before Tuesday’s game against the Miami Marlins, and testingDustin Pedroia his hamstring with change-of-direction drills as well. That’s definitely a good sign, but I’m sure the Red Sox are thinking about not rushing him back with the All-Star Break coming up versus having him back in the lineup. Before he had gone on the DL, he had been hitting at .306 with 9 home runs, and had been swinging a pretty hot bat (.350 in the month of June until the injury).

So, what do they do? If it were me, I wouldn’t rush him—I would hold off until after the All Star Break, just to be sure. Yes, I want him back as well, but what if he comes back and does something else? He’s one of our most important pieces, and the last thing I want to see is him lost for 60 days, or the rest of the season. If the Red Sox aren’t teasing us, and this recent hot streak carries into the second half of the season, the last thing I want to see is the team captain injured for a long period while the Red Sox are trying to make a serious playoff push.

So, yes, I want him back in the lineup, but it could cost us a chance at the AL East title, or a Wild Card spot. In the meantime, I’m good with Brock Holt at second base for the time being. After all, he is an All Star. Take your time, Dustin. Personally, I would rather see you back at 100% before you make your return to the lineup.

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