Leadership Is The Key For Return To Success

Last year brought dismal results for the Red Sox as we all know. We embark on a new year with an old/new leader back in the dugout. Alex Cora is back after a year long suspension and vibes have been positive so far. Despite his wrongdoings of past, he is great with the players, media, and front office. He said he learned from his mistakes and the Red Sox definitely need his spark to help this crop of new Red Sox players to learn to win again. The players all speak glowingly of him and that is the bottom line when trying to run a clubhouse.

New/Old Leadership

Another key piece is Chaim Bloom, the Chief Baseball Officer himself who was open to a reunion with Cora. This move shows that he doesn’t have an ego and and is open to collaborating on what is best for the team to win. Bloom is a very smart baseball individual and his time in Tampa brings him great experience. He also made the best of the situation last year in having to trade Mookie Betts. Yes, baseball is a business. As one of the old sayings goes, don’t hate the player, hate the game.

Offseason Moves

One of the key moves Bloom made this offseason is the one with his old team Tampa. The Red Sox announced on February 17th 2021 that they traded pitchers Jeffrey Springs and Chris Mazza — both who were designated for assignment by the Red Sox to open spots on the 40-man roster — to Tampa Bay in exchange for minor league catcher Ronaldo Hernández and another prospect. They key piece here was Hernandez who is considered a top level prospect. Did the student pull one over on the teacher? Another move wasn’t player related, but involved the hiring of a minor league coach. The Red Sox brought in Bianca Smith, the first black woman to be a coach in major league history. Another brilliant move to bring in another voice and different perspective on things that others may have missed. She has a collegiate softball background as well as modern baseball technology and analytical awareness. She was an intern an intern with the Cincinnatti Reds and Texas Rangers prior to this post.

The Outlook Ahead

No one will expect the Red Sox to be contenders this season. The key focus will be on development and taking strides to get better. Rebuilding a core nucleus around Rafeal Devers, Xander Bogaerts and Chris Sale will be needed. Cora and company will be the people to help this process forward. Here’s hoping to a better baseball season and to better health to all so we can finally have some baseball fun again in our lives.

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