Lebron James Tries His Hand At Baseball

Move over Michael Jordan and Tim Tebow, Lebron James is joining the pro baseball ranks with the Boston Red Sox. No, not as a player but as a part owner. It was just reported before this writing that he and his agent Maverick Carter have bought in at 75 million dollars. They also will be part of the whole Fenway group that owns Liverpool F.C. Soccer and Roush Fenway Racing. This process will take several weeks pending approval from MLB.

Active Athletes In Current Ownership

Lebron Joins Red Sox

Lebron isn’t alone as being an active player in a major sport to own a small percentage of another pro sports franchise. Green Bay Packers legend QB Aaron Rodgers owns a 1% share in the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks that he purchased back in January of 2019. As these two age, they are lining up business deals to take them into retirement. Former NBA greats Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan are in ownership with pro sports teams, but that didn’t happen until after their retirements. Both Rodgers and James are setting a new precedent for other current athletes to look into.

What Does This Mean For The Red Sox?

Nothing in the immediate future as this is a long term outlook. It will supply them with star power for future Fenway appearances. They will hope to draw out fans both in the park and to boost NESN TV ratings. It also pumps more cash into a large portfolio for a group that is worth about 3 billion per Forbes. Will Lebron take on a larger role if John Henry or Tom Werner decide to retire in the future? Only time will tell what the next storyline will be. In the meanwhile, Lebron is hoping to stay in the NBA long enough to play with his 16 year old son, Bronny. Let’s also hope Lebron loses the Yankees hat he has previously worn.

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