Looking at the Red Sox New Faces

This season has been rough for the Red Sox so far, as they sit  6 games below .500 and in last place in the AL East. The whole team has been under performing, but some of the new acquisitions the Red Sox brought in have been particularly disappointing. With about a third of the season gone, it’s time to take a look at some of the key guys the Red Sox brought in during the off-season.

Pitching: D

Going into the season, one of the areas many analysts and fans thought the Red Sox Red Soxwould struggle was pitching, especially with the starting rotation. Well, through 2 months of the season, those predictions have come true.

For the starters, the lowest ERA on the staff is Clay Buchholz at 4.33, and Wade Miley has the lowest of the 3 new starters the Red Sox brought in at 4.97, per ESPN. Rick Porcello, the guy a lot of people thought could have been a solid #2 at the least, has won only 4 games and has an ERA of 5.33, while Justin Masterson has an ERA over 6, and is injured to boot.

The new guys in the bullpen have not been much better, save for Alexi Ogando, who the Sox brought in as a free agent. He’s sporting a 2.95 ERA and 15 strikeouts in 18.1 innings of work, according to ESPN,which easily makes him the best acquisition as far as the pitching staff goes.

Lineup: C

The 2 big money guys we brought in, Pablo Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez, have left a lot to be desired so far. Both have had their upsides so far, but they haven’t been consistent enough so far. Hanley has been the better signing offensively with 12 home runs so far, but there was a big gap between numbers 10 & 11, which came Thursday in the Red Sox beat the Texas Rangers, 5-0.

Sandy Leon has been a pretty pleasant surprise, at least defensively. He’s thrown out 3 of 4 base stealers so far, per Bleacher Report, which is pretty good in his limited action. He’s only hitting .205 right now, but most fans probably wouldn’t expect much more than that from a catcher.

Overall, I expected a lot more from the Red Sox lineup. I thought if there was one place I thought they would have success, it would be swinging the bat. With the lineup they have, they should have been able to at least somewhat mask the pitching deficiencies, but that hasn’t happened so far. That doesn’t fall squarely on the shoulders of the 2 big money guys, but they’ve had their struggles as well this season. I think I’m right in assuming that most of Red Sox Nation, myself included, expects more from the entire lineup, not just the guys we paid big bucks for.

It’s a long season, but the Red Sox need to turn things around ASAP. They have the talent to do so – they just need to start executing like they can.

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