Luck is Changing for the Red Sox

It’s been a rough start to the Boston Red Sox 2015 campaign, but the good news is, it’s still early.  Up until the Sunday June 7th game against the Oakland Athletics, the Sox had a record of 26-31.  Clearly nothing to gloat about, but it was what happened during that game against the A’s that has the potential of turning their season around.

The start of the game was looking very similar to how the Sox season has started, bad. red sox Clay Buchholz had yet another weak start, and Oakland got to him for four runs.  The Red Sox bats didn’t look much better.  They couldn’t record a run against the A’s starter Kendall Graveman through seven innings.  Everything turned around though during the eighth inning, when the A’s went to their bullpen.

Rusney Castillo started the eighth inning with a solo home run over the Green Monster, and that seemed to ignite the Sox bats.  The Sox kept hitting throughout the inning with seven runs by the end.  Even the struggling Pablo Sandoval contributed a hit to the cause, and two hits overall during the game.  This led to the Sox 7-4 victory.

Now I know that this was only one game.  And what could one game really mean in a season where you play 162?  The answer; A lot.  Up until this game it seemed as though nothing was going right for the Sox.  They weren’t hitting well, and pitching wasn’t looking good either.  But let me tell you all the reasons why Red Sox fans could end up looking back to this game at the end of the season as the one game that lifted the team.

First is the confidence level of Sandoval.  Sandoval didn’t play the two games prior to Sundays game because of bad performance.  But, after contributing to a great win for his team, this could be what he needed to get his bat going.

More importantly, now the Red Sox have some confidence of their own as a team.  This win gave them their first sweep of the season.  To go along with that, the team was only 1-27 on the season when trailing after seven innings before this game.

Following this win, the Sox are now 5 1/2 games out of first place in the A.L. East, and only four games out of a Wild Card spot.  These may seem like numbers that will be hard to come back from, but as much as I hate to do it, think back to the Sox 2012 season.  Remember?  With 24 games left in the season the Sox blew a nine game lead for the Wild Card Playoff spot.  There is still 104 more games to be played this year, I’d say that’s more than enough time to make a come back. And only time will tell if this win will be a big reason why we’ll hopefully be watching the Sox in the postseason.

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