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For Manny Ramirez a different type of D-Day has arrived: Decision Day. He must decide, after a few weeks of deliberation, whether he will play for Taiwan. Yes, Taiwan. According to, Ramirez made a verbal agreement on Feb. 26th and needed to make a decision by March 7, 2013.

He has been bouncing around the world like a ping pong ball in a tennis table match the past few years from teams in the Dominican Republic, to triple AAA clubs owned by the Tampa Bay Rays and the Oakland Athletics. His stats were kind of non-existent for last season because of that 50 game suspension due to those pesky domestic violence charges and alleged history of steroid use. Which leads one to ask did he even play for the Athletics AAA team? It’s okay though, because this is just “manny being manny.” Is he just a media whore or does he really want to play the game he “loves” as he says here about possibly playing in Taiwan,

“It will be a new experience, experience another culture while I keep doing what I love and all I’ve done in my life, playing baseball,” Ramirez said”

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I don’t know. This guy’s life plays out like a telenovella (soap opera) and a pretty entertaining one, too. Between the steroids, the pit stop in the Green Monster, and big personality, I cannot tell whether he wants to be a celeb-utante like Paris Hilton or a professional ballplayer. It seems he will go to any lengths to play the game or get our attention, but cannot seem to execute either reliably. What will the reserved, polite, people of this Chinese republic think of this guy?  At almost 41 years old, I think it is time to hang up the cleats, and find another way to serve baseball. I do not think he will be one of the special guests that John Farrell will bring back to help out new players.  Unless said players are looking to learn how to steal Boston media attention, rather than bases. Let’s face it, Sox fans were lucky to see him run to first base when he singled out.

How have we made it through countless a slow Friday news day without him? Oh, Manny, we hardly knew ye!

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