Manny Ramirez Leaves the Texas Rangers Minor’s System

manny ramirez

Manny on the move and sometimes in disguise.

I just can’t get enough Manny Ramirez news this season. Last week it was reported that the Texas Rangers minor league team released Ramirez after picking up Alex Rios on waivers from the Chicago White Sox. I would have written about this sooner, but I have been in a state of shock that this guy still thinks he can play professional baseball. Manny will just not give up. I love his perseverance (arrogance) in the face of adversity. I wish I had an ounce of whatever it is that makes Manny tick.

What will be the next move for Manny? Will he go back to Taiwan? He seemed to only serve as comic relief for the fair people of that island country. You remember the slide seen round the world. He didn’t quite make it to second. Would another U.S. team give him another shot? It seems unlikely. Clubs do not love drama. A little funny publicity and performance is one thing, but drama will not do.

I wish Manny well. He did a great job for the Red Sox in 2004. We can never take that away from him. I just think it is time to call it a career. I’m sure he could make good money through promotions. If he wants to stay around the game maybe he could sell Franklin bases? God knows, he certainly can’t tag them any longer.

As for Rios and the Rangers this appears to be a great opportunity for both parties. Rios’ name got batted about quite a bit  prior to the trade deadline, so it was clear he was on the move. The Sox took part in a three team trade with the White Sox and Detroit Tigers, so there was confusion over whether Rios would come to us, or go to the Tigers. I hope he can make a difference for the Rangers.

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