Mike Napoli Shines on a Dark Day for Boston

mike napoli

Mike Napoli was king of the day yesterday, until everything in Boston came to a screeching halt as bombs went off at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Patriots’ Day is the ultimate sports day in Boston. Every year there is always the marathon, a Red Sox game, and perhaps a Celtics or Bruins game in the evening. The people of Boston come together around sports and to celebrate a battle that helped create this great nation.  The Red Sox battled yesterday, too, backs against the wall in a tie ball game against Tampa.

Then in the ninth inning Dustin Pedroia singles to get on base, and then Napoli hit a ball into center field through the crisp mid-April air. The Red Sox swept the series against Tampa.  The sports fans of Boston had another reason to be jubilant this Patriots Day. Unfortunately, this jubilation was short-lived as less than an hour later tragedy would strike.

There will always be good and evil in this world; we just never expect it to happen in our city, in our house. I love sports because they are a positive distraction. We turn to sports in times like these to take our minds off the pain for a bit. It is my duty to remind the people of Red Sox nation to remember how Napoli crushed that ball and created a walk-off win. He was a shining light during a dark day for our city.

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