Mike Napoli Undergoing Surgery for Sleep Disorder

Mike Napoli The Boston Red Sox first baseman Mike Napoli is dealing with an obscure ailment that he hopes to alleviate with surgery on November 4th. The veteran slugger has sleep apnea which involves an obstruction in your breathing airways while you are sleeping. For Napoli, he is receiving bimaxillary advancement surgery to hopefully cure his condition.

The near 32-year-old struggled in 2014 while only playing in 119 contests. He hit 17 home runs and drove in 55 RBI. He only hit .248 on the season with a .789 OPS.

Over the limited season for Napoli, he missed time with finger, knee, toe and back injuries and did not provide much protection to David Ortiz in the Red Sox lineup. The first baseman has struggled to stay healthy and be a major part of any offense the last several seasons.

Yoenis Cespedes is the cleanup hitter right now to Ortiz, and Napoli will have to prove that he is healthy enough to be a productive part of a Red Sox lineup that struggled to score runs on a consistent basis in 2014.

If the Red Sox hope to contend in 2015, then Napoli needs to be healthy and productive and this surgery could help him rest easier at night during the season.

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