Mistakes Kill Red Sox Momentum

Yesterday’s loss was ugly enough to make even the most optimistic Red Sox fans, like me, cringe. The Red Sox blew a 4-run lead en route to an 8-4 loss.

But, is it really that surprising? No. This season has been like that for the Red Sox. They Red Soxseem to take 2 steps back every time they take one forward. They have been doing that all season, and it’s tough to watch. A few days ago, I pointed out on here that they could save their season by being more consistent, and I stand by that, but I wonder if that’s possible for this team. Like I said above, this has been a “1 step forward, 2 step back” type of season for the Red Sox, and it’s really tough to watch.

I want to believe the Red Sox can still turn this around, but after yesterday’s game, I find it hard to believe the Red Sox have it in them to play consistently enough to make a run at the division. There have been a few bright spots as of late, like Xander Bogaerts and Dustin Pedroia, but they have yet to put together a string of convincing performances as a team, and that’s what worries me at the moment.

Yesterday epitomized their season in many ways: They started well, with Steven Wright going 6 innings, giving up only 3 runs on a Torri Hunter home run. The offense gave Wright runs to work with, behind some sloppy Twins defense and 2 home runs, one each from Dustin Pedroia and Blake Swihart. But then it all unraveled because of bad fielding, and bad baserunning. Pablo Sandoval make 2 costly errors and Mike Napoli was thrown out attempting to score. It’s those kinds of mistakes that have kept the Red Sox from maintianing any consistency so far this season.

I would love to believe that the Red Sox can get hot, and maybe they still can, but it would take a gigantic effort from 1-25 to turn things around. And, with the way things have been going, I’m having a hard time believing it’s possible.

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