Mookie Betts Proving His Worth In The Big Leagues

Mookie BettsWhen the Boston Red Sox drafted Mookie Betts, most people were excited that he had such a cool name — Mookie. Little did they know he was a five-tool player who would be contributing to the Boston Red Sox after essentially just one full Minor League season.

After dominating at every level, starting with low-A Greenville in 2013, Betts is taking his hand at the big league level. Hitting .284/.358/.474 in 28 games for Boston this year while clubbing four homeruns and swiping four bags on five attempts, Mookie Betts is looking better and better everyday.
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In his last 10 games, he is hitting .368 and looks to meet David Ortiz in Jamaica.

From the looks of it, unless something changes drastically, Betts should be starting for the Boston Red Sox everyday next season. Split between 3 levels, he is on pace to steal 40 bags and potentially club 20 bombs. If Betts can go 20 hr-40 sb with a high on-base percentage (.350), he would be one of the best players in the league.
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Defense is the biggest issue at hand for Betts. Drafted as a shortstop, playing second base professionally, and switching to the outfield in June, Betts is athletic and versatile all-around the field but is a nomad — he has no true home. Right now, his best shot looks to be as an everyday outfielder for Boston next year, although if he played third base he could prevent a serious logjam from happening.

Although Betts lacks experience at third base, having him try the position would definitely be beneficial to the success of the 2015 Boston Red Sox season. He is a bit on the small side listed at 5ft9, but from experience interviewing him, this seems like a bit of a stretch — literally and figuratively. Despite being undersized, Betts might be able to handle it, especially given that Brock Holt handles it well and is under 6ft tall as well.
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No matter where he plays, Boston can not afford to leave Mookie Betts out of their lineup. He is simply too talented to not be starting and the team as a whole would be hurt without him in the lineup. Whether he plays infield or outfield is up for debate, but Betts is a great option for the Red Sox lineup regardless of where he plays.