My First Time At Fenway Park

There are few things that baseball fans or even sports fans in general can agree on. But one thing that everyone can agree on is how special Fenway Park is. The 109-year-old ballpark has seen some special moments and serves as a time capsule to the early days of Major League Baseball. As a diehard Red Sox fan, I dreamed of the day I would finally get to visit and watch some baseball at America’s most beloved ballpark. Living in Alabama definitely made it hard, but I finally got my chance over Memorial Day Weekend.

When I landed at Boston Logan International Airport last Friday, I instantly could tell that Boston was a special place. Looking out the window at the Chesapeake Bay running all the way up to the skyscrapers created a picture-perfect scene that made me never want to leave. Boston is a very special place; from the food, to the prestigious educational institutions, to the history, to the people and culture, and obviously a great history in professional sports. I honestly do not know of any other city that has such a fine blend of all those things.

First time at Fenway Park

Walking up Jersey Street and hanging a right onto Lansdowne Street made me feel like I was at home. The game experience at Fenway Park is one of the best experiences in all of sports. The enthusiasm of the fans mixed with the ballparks wow-factor made for an experience that I will remember for the rest of my life. The Red Sox hosted the Miami Marlins when I was in town. Not only was it Memorial Day Weekend, but it was also the weekend that capacity restrictions at Fenway were lifted. Despite the cold and rainy weather, the ballpark was rocking. It really showed how dedicated Red Sox fans truly are. There are a lot that separate Fenway Park from every other ballpark in the MLB. Obviously Fenway is significantly older than just about every other, but it still looks just as good as a brand new park. The best thing about Fenway Park is the feeling of being in such a special and historic place. You simply can not beat that.

In addition to seeing the Red Sox play, I also had the chance to take the Fenway Park tour. The experience is awesome and very informative. You also get to see areas of the ballpark that you would not normally have access to, such as the press box and Green Monster. The tour lasts about an hour and allows for a bunch of phenomenal photo opportunities.

The Best Food At Fenway?

I got to spend a good bit of extra time at Fenway thanks to every game having a rain delay. Waiting around gave me quite the appetite, which allowed me to try many of the great concession options available at America’s most beloved ballpark. The chicken fingers and fries come in third place. The fries at Fenway were great, the chicken tenders were just average. At second I have the iconic Fenway Frank. This classic hotdog was one of the best I have had. The usage of a slice of bread instead of a hotdog bun is an interesting change I had never seen before. I have to give the first place prize to Regina’s Pizza. It was perfect and I can honestly say it was the best pizza I have ever gotten to enjoy.

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