No Halting Brock Holt

There has been no halting Brock Holt since he has rejoined the Red Sox this year after Will Middlebrooks was injured. The line on Holt so far has been amazing with a batting average of .329 including 1 home run and 15 RBI. What has been equally impressive is Brock’s aptitude for playing multiple positions, leading off and playing stellar defense.

On Saturday June 21st, Brock made yet another amazing diving catch in right field. He also had three hits in the contest against the Oakland A’s. You might as well play the Superman theme song as his walk up music if he continues to play like this. He has saved the Red Sox hides in so many ways: by batting lead off after Jacoby Ellsbury left and providing support through the struggles since Grady Sizemore departed. The way he is going, some have whispered he is playing like an All-Star.

It has been a great story for a kid who started his career with the Pittsburgh Pirates and then was traded to the Red Sox on December 26, 2012 along with closer Joel Hanrahan. Who would have thought the former All-Star closer would be the non key piece to that deal with Holt being the prize?

If the struggling Red Sox of 2014 are going to make any type of late season push to try to get into the wild card race, Brock Holt will be a main piece of this. It has been a good story for the Texas native who is doing what the Red Sox would have expected, or have hoped for, out of Will Middlebrooks who was a much more heralded prospect.

With the way Holt is playing, he is going to make bringing back the injury prone— the disappointing duo of Middlebrooks and Shane Victorino— a harder decision come the time they are ready. Holt has had his share of rides back and forth to Pawtucket, never being taken seriously each time he would be called up to the majors.

He is being taken seriously now.

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