What is Pablo Sandoval’s Role Here?

The Pablo Sandoval experiment in Boston has been a bigger mess than anything we’ve ever seen from this franchise. There have been some bad signings, but this one is the worst. Like a scene from the movie “Office Space” I must ask: What is Pablo Sandoval’s role here?

Let me be very clear: Pablo Sandoval has played his last game with the Boston Red Sox. Pablo Sandoval's RoleWhen you break down his game to the basics, it becomes very simple. He can’t hit and he can’t play the field. He’s a liability at third base and he can’t DH because he doesn’t even deserve to be called a hitter. He’s a switch hitter who can’t hit right-handed and he can’t pinch run. He is just a blob of mass with a Red Sox cap on.

His last moment with the Red Sox was as fitting as they come. John Farrell pinch-hit for him in a crucial point in the game because there was a 0% chance Sandoval would keep the rally going. Doesn’t sound like a big deal, right? Well, the Red Sox had no infielders left. Farrell put Christian Vazquez at third base for the ninth in one of my favorite moves he’s ever made. A guy who hadn’t played third since rookie ball was a better option than Sandoval.

For all the criticism I have for Farrell, I can no longer fault him for the Sandoval fiasco. This is all Dave Dombrowski’s crap at this point. This is all about Dombrowski’s reputation and not trying to burn up the $50 million he owes Sandoval this year. Farrell has been rendered completely helpless with his third baseman. There was no competition this spring training, handing Sandoval the job from day one. Oh how well that has worked out.

Pablo Sandoval’s Role Has Been Hurting the Red Sox

In 2017, Sandoval has graced Boston with a .212 average and has as many doubles as DL stints (2). He has an atrocious .269 OBP, a WAR of -0.9 and can’t hit lefties. In the field, he has five errors this year. That may not seem awful but those are only the plays he can actually waddle over to touch the ball. That doesn’t even cover the complete ineptness he has at third base. He’s an automatic out at the plate and anything but in the field.

Dombrowski has put Farrell in a really tough position, which brings us to Sandoval’s current status. He was put on the DL this week with an ear infection. Yes, an ear infection. Dave O’Brien tried passionately to convince us on the NESN broadcast that it was a real injury but come on. He’s one of the worst players in the league and he has a cough so it works perfectly. This is the phoniest injury of all phony injuries. Unfortunately, that’s all the Red Sox can afford to do right now.

So what is Pablo Sandoval’s role right now? Well realistically, he is the pawn for media fodder. As far as a baseball field, he shouldn’t be allowed on one anymore. He is the biggest waste of space the Red Sox have had this decade, maybe ever. His last hooray mixed with the broken belt incident are the two lasting memories we will have for him. The quicker the Red Sox dump him, the better I will feel about this season. So long Pablo, don’t let the door hit your butt on the way out, even though it’s nearly impossible to miss.

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