Pedey’s Secret is Revealed

Dustin Pedroia Pedey

Dustin Pedroia made a diving stop during Monday’s game.

Dustin Pedroia has started all 53 games this season despite the injury to his thumb, a tear in his ulnar collateral ligament he has been suffering from since opening day at Yankee Stadium on April 1.  “I feel fine. I feel normal” he recalls. The question is why it is now we are just learning about it and why it is even a concern?  He’s Dustin Pedroia.  We all know, from years past, that man won’t let anything or anyone deter him from playing a game.

Unabashed, cocky, fearless and undaunted; these are words that describe Dustin Pedroia. Unlike the rest of the team who seems to be put on the DL more often than not these days for various injuries; from hamstring pulls, to biceps strains, to back pain, Pedey is an all-around all-star when it comes to determination and drive.  He is a player that sets a tone for teammates to look up to.  He is a solid player who has a high threshold to pain says John Farrell.  His injury was of no concern although his performance in his at-bats from April 6-18 would say otherwise.  During that time Pedey landed 15 strike outs in 40 at-bats.  But was it really because of his injury or was it by coincidence his performance was fair?

No matter, Pedey has entered the line-up in every game and had more than stellar performances.  There is no doubt in John Farrell’s mind when it comes to Dustin’s athleticism. He’s here to win.  He’s a ball player.  He won’t let the little things take away from what he is paid for and loves to do.

Dustin tried to keep his thumb injury a secret.  After all, he’s playing isn’t he?  Why do fans need to know anything else? He’s healthy in everyone’s mind and he’s playing well.  He did not go on the DL because on April 1, when he jammed his thumb into first base while diving head first, it wasn’t an issue, nor is it an issue now.   Case in point, upset as he was for the leak, the cat’s out of the bag. Are we, as fans, going to think anything different of the second base all-star? If anything, we, I’m sure, will respect him more for his strength to keep it together and pull through for not only his team, but his fans as well.

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