Pitch 76


Boston Red Sox starting pitcher John Lackey works against the Toronto Blue Jays during the first inning of a baseball game in Toronto on Saturday, April 6, 2013. The Canadian Press, Chris Young / AP Photo


What a shame it was Saturday, April 6, in Toronto.  John Lackey was doing such an amazing job at the mound, but when pitch # 76 came he fell back and held his bicep in pain.  What was it?  Fans and others including John Farrell were struck with angst as Lackey was immediately taken from the mound in the middle of an at bat.  At the bottom of the fifth and 76 pitches, Lackey had six strike outs (51 strikes in all).  He put on quite a show despite the Sox’ 5-0 loss against the Jays and despite the two runs he let in.  What could it be?

Lackey’s stress test after the game showed positive results, but an unanticipated pain in the belly of his bicep left Lackey and Farrell in wonder. If it wasn’t his elbow (thank God) or his shoulder, what happened on the 76th pitch that could disrupt his bicep so suddenly?  After the game, at a conference, Farrell discussed it as an astonishment, for he had seen nothing like it happen before.  Lackey will be flown to Boston tomorrow for an MRI in hopes it is nothing too serious.

We all hope it’s nothing too serious.  After all, he worked so hard in the off season losing what Farrell believes, 25 pounds, and getting in shape to be on top.  As I was listening to the game on 93.7 while in my car, driving to the city, I caught the sports broadcasters say, “He has never looked so good in a baseball uniform before”.  Lackey deserves to be on top.  I hope we do see him in Boston this upcoming week. Not on the bench, but on the mound where he belongs.

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