Players Come up and Players go Down


Players come up and players go down. I can’t keep track of them all these days.  Last night Pedro Ciriaco returned to the Red Sox in place of Stephen Drew, as did Ryan Lavarnway in place of Jarrod Saltalamacchia.  Jacoby Ellsbury is the only guy who can withstand the majors, so it seems.  He has played in every game since day one and looks as though he is not leaving any time soon although he was supposedly scheduled to take the night off but with Shane Victorino’s back injury it was a lost cause and Ellsbury was back in the lineup.

Ryan Lavarnway is someone to look at this season in hopes that in the future he will take the place of Saltalamacchia who is inconsistent at the plate and with his hitting. It’s time Jarrod take to the bench.  It’s funny. I write about something one day and the next day its stream lined over the internet.  The organization didn’t even want Jarrod to continue his professional career with the Red Sox.  In fact, they were looking at Lavarnway well in advance.  He, at the time, was just too much of a rookie and Jarrod had already signed a 4.5 million dollar contract with the Sox, for the 2013 season.  As for Pedro Ciriaco, he will never replace the youth and talent of Stephen Drew.  Unfortunately, due to a back injury as he slid into second base the other night, there was no other choice but to readmit Pedro into the limelight as the Sox beat the pants off of the Minnesota Twins last night for their fourth straight win.  The Red Sox are back, but do you think it’s wise to keep bringing players up from the Paw Sox? I would like to see a stable team sometime soon. Andrew Bailey, one of the Sox’ key relievers, has been sent down to the Paw Sox for rehab after an injury to the right biceps, but is expected to be showcased in tonight’s game as the Red Sox take on the White Sox in Chicago.

Who is expected to play tonight as the Red Sox take on the White Sox?  Will it be the same line up as last night or will there be yet another change?


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