Playoff Beard…Already?

playoff beard

What kind of razor do you use?
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For Dustin Pedroia and Andrew Miller, it is never too early to start sporting a playoff beard. The Sox need all the help they can get, so why not start during Spring Training. These boys of summer like their hair long.

It has helped in the past. Remember 2004, Kevin Millar, Johnny Damon and others growing out their hair and bearding up? Let’s not forget Manny Ramirez’s dred-locks spilling out of his baseball cap, or Bronson Arroyo’s cornrows.  Eek! Maybe he should have checked in with someone (anyone) before making such a bold decision.

Player fashion freedom extends farther than just facial hair, socks were big, and high, over the last few years. Going back as far as Trot Nixon, players like to show their Sox pride by showing off the very article of clothing that inspired the team’s name.  And of course, Cooperstown had to recently mourn the loss of the bloody sock, because Curt Schilling is fighting to get out of debt. His is the ultimate Red Sock.  The sock heard round the world. The sock’s history is hard to ignore, even it did belong to one pompous dude.

Let us step away from historic artifacts, and back to the uniform non-conformists before I get myself in trouble. Players seem to be encouraged to express themselves together as a way to balk at uniformity and build camaraderie. I like it, since it is completely unlike how our foes, a four hour drive South, are dress coded and controlled. Poor Kevin Youklis had to get rid of his beard upon joining the Yankees. I’m sure that was tough for him.




As far as the Red Sox are concerned, I’m all for the anything goes attitude. If we are not sweating this small stuff, then we are probably focusing more on our performance.

What player look do you like the best? Or worst?

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