Portland Pitchers Ready for Boston?

portland pitchers

Hadlock Field Portland, ME Photo courtesy of Kara Jackman

I took a trip up to Portland, ME to see the Portland Sea Dogs, double A affiliate of the Boston Red Sox. I talked to a few players, enjoyed my first experience in the press box, sharing it with NESN’s Tom Caron, and talking to the future major leaguers.

portland pitchers

NESN’s Tom Caron at Hadlock Field
Photo Courtesy of Kara Jackman

Enough about me. Let’s talk players. Specifically, let’s talk about pitching. There is something in the water in Portland, ME   Following the Portland pitchers since March, I believe the Portland starters and bullpen may be the answer to Boston’s bullpen and starter questions.  These guys are better than the laundry list of pitchers in Pawtucket. I know this is an arguable point, but it seems the writing is on the wall with regard to Portland. Others seem to feel this to be true, too.  Saturday morning, while watching The Baseball Show on the Comcast Sportsnet, a caller suggested that the Sox bring Anthony Ranaudo up from Portland. Then Sunday night Drake Britton provides pretty solid setup man work for Boston. Tonight, Brandon Workman starts against Tampa.

Let’s bring these guys up, work our system, and stop hemming and hawing about getting a closer in time for the July 31st deadline. It just seems these guys are stronger than some of the PawSox guys. I know I am crazy. I fully admit I should be committed, but I think this is the move.  The other Portland pitcher to watch is Matt Barnes. He may need some more time at Pawtucket. He just needs to tweak accuracy and he knows that; he told me as much. Barnes does his homework, charts batters, so he has the mindset and mental fortitude to do it.

Back to my point, let’s work the system. Guys like Cliff Lee, Matt Garza, and Jake Peavy, are a gamble.  I think we should continue to drink the waters in Portland, ME.

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