What Are Your Post-Season Traditions?

post-season traditions

A 2013 tradition that seems to have caught on with the players. Courtesy of rhogroupee.com

Here’s an interesting question as we head into the post season: what are your post-season traditions or superstitions? Are you going to rub the same rabbit’s foot you did in 2007, while sitting on your lucky barstool? Or will you just keep doing what you have been doing all throughout the 2013 regular season? Both have their benefits, as each person has their own way of celebrating, or helping to secure a win for the Red Sox. I think I am going to stick with this year’s regular season traditions. They seem to have worked, thus far, and they have provided me with as much benefit as they (may) have the Red Sox.

Number one, and perhaps, the most important tradition; I have been watching the games with family and friends in the comfort of our various homes. Number two, I read up and learned more about the statistical side of the game. I learned about Sabermetrics, ERAs, ABs, and BBs (how would anyone ever know that BB represents a “walk?”). I watched John Farrell work hard as a manager translating these numbers into wins. He is the manager of the year in my eyes. If the MLB does not see this, then they must be blind. From 69 wins in 2012 to 97 in 2013, that’s quite the turnaround. A turnaround made possible by Farrell putting the right players in the right positions, even if that meant changes on a daily basis.

Also, I spent more time around Fenway Park, thanks to my work with Yawkey Way Report. The investment in this organization allowed me to get more invested in the Red Sox organization. I am even on Yawkey Way when I do not need to be. As I work nearby, I have been known to take 3-4 mile runs mid-day, throughout the summer, to just be around the ballpark. It is such a different place when a game is not about to be played. It is quiet, calm. Still, the energy and history crackles in the air. It is an indescribable experience. Carlton Fisk, Jim Rice, Babe Ruth, Wade Boggs, and Jason Varitek are all there with me as I run by, hoping to get back to work in under 20 minutes. Watching the food and delivery trucks pull up, and the Red Sox staff mill around at the gates, are all a small part of the preparations for the day’s game. I feel blessed as I run, listening to my music. I get the tingles, just as I do when I walk up the ramp, into the stands from the lower concourse with the beautifully manicured park in front of me.

post-season traditions

Courtesy of the author

This Red Sox regular season has been a gift, in so many ways for fellow fans, Red Sox players, and me. The opportunities were hard to imagine a year ago. Who would ever imagine that the Red Sox would clinch the AL East Division? Who knew I would interview minor league players, or sit in a minor and major league ballpark’s press box? Who knew that young, 20-somethings from the Portland Sea Dogs (our Double-A affiliate), would play on the grass at Fenway all in the same season? I was blessed to see Xander Bogaerts and Jackie Bradley Jr. work their way up the system to live their baseball dreams. It is truly a pleasure to see such talented cream rise to the top.

So many great things happened this season that I know if I keep up my regular season traditions throughout the post season Boston will succeed. No rabbit’s feet and definitely no barstools for me. I’ve got a whole season of experience that proves that I am doing everything right by this team. Let’s go, Sox! Let’s go all the way.

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