Postseason, Fenway Park Draws Fans of all Ages


Game 1, postseason: The Red Sox take on the Tampa Bay Rays. They win by a landslide, 12-2. The fans go wild, but I have to say, I was slightly perturbed by the number of fans who were, at the bottom of the eighth, on their way out and making their way to the exits through Fenway – the opposite direction to which the game was being played. Why was everyone leaving so soon? They were winning and yes it was by a landslide, but come on, it’s the playoffs, game 1! Fans need not miss a waking moment at this point! It’s the playoffs for crying out loud! Who would have thought we’d get this far in the first place?! Well, in retrospect, no matter, it gave me a chance to get down on the action. It was time to hit the bars, but first I needed insight from the innocent. As I was walking down Yawkey Way I scouted out a few young fans; fans that were at Fenway for their first time. Hannah, 9, Evan 6, and Meghan 8, took a trip with their dad to Fenway to see the Sox play their first game in postseason. I’m glad, for their sake, the team pulled through and won. All the way from New Hampshire, these kids were more than excited. They were ecstatic. You could see it in their demeanor and in their eyes. When I asked what their most memorable moment was, Hannah replied, “when Big Pappi hit not one, but two homeruns!”

JD Drew is Evan’s favorite player, while Big Pappi and Dustin Pedroia are Meghan and Hannah’s respectively. Coming all the way from New Hampshire, these young fans show great pride in their Boston team. As their first time at Fenway came to an end, I could not let them go until I knew just how cool it was for them. Their responses were nothing more than whimsical: Two “Awesome!” and a “Great!

I had the opportunity, game 1, to interview others so stay tuned for those interviews about a diehard Yankees fan and what brought him to Fenway, the double Dan’s and what the Red Sox have in store for the upcoming postseason games, and predictions based on preseason’s flawless performances.

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