Rain Delay Sends Tampa Bay back to Fenway

Tampa Bay vs. Boston

Forget about their day off, the Sox had a game to play, Monday, July 29.  Thursday night, July 25, the Sox and the Rays were scheduled to play at Fenway.  Due to rain, it was postponed until further notice.  Well, Monday came and the teams were back in action.  Both teams were scheduled for a day off.  It appeared that wouldn’t be happening unless there was another rain out which, at the time I was writing, the skies were blue and it didn’t seem possible.

Another important game was ahead of the two teams. After all, the Rays were trailing the Sox by 1/2 a game. In fact, if it weren’t for Tampa’s loss, Sunday, July 21,  they would be in the number one seat and the Sox would take second.   The two teams went neck and neck Monday evening, July 29.   With records standing at  (63-43) and (62-43), Red Sox, Rays, this game was crucial for the Sox to remain in the number one seat in the AL East Division.  I hope everyone was watching!

Felix Dubront took to the mound Monday evening, even though he drew a loss against the Rays in previous events at the Fenway stadium. Was this a situation where we fans should have been frightful of? Based on Dubront’s stats I didn’t think so.  Despite the loss, in retrospect, we can see he remains solid on the mound. Throughout the season, Dubront has allowed 27 hits and 12 earned runs, and has struck out 103 over 112 innings; this in return for a 7-4 record with a 3.78 ERA.  David Price, on the other hand, the starting pitcher for Tampa Bay Monday evening, is also a stellar performer even after coming back from the DL.  In retrospect, he has allowed 96 hits and 40 earned runs while striking out 76 over 96 innings; this in return for a 5-5 record and 3.75 ERA. So there were two really impressive pitchers on the mound Monday night, for both teams.  Who would prevail and who would go down with a loss? The Sox needed a big win.  After all, it was quite a fright to be in second for that one painstaking moment….

The saga continues in the following post, “Bad Call Sends Boston Back”

The Red Sox remained at home this past week with games against the Seattle Mariners and the Arizona Diamondbacks.

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