The Red Sox Announcer Dilemma

The only thing about as inconsistent as the bullpen this summer is who we hear in Red Sox announcer booth. There are a multitude of former Red Sox alongside Dave O’Brien in the NESN booth this season. Most fans are annoyed with the constant changing in commentators. They need to keep just one other signature guy in the booth already. Who should NESN stick with and why?

During home games this season, Jerry Remy is still the Red Sox Red Sox Announcerannouncer voice fans commonly hear. Since 1988, Remy has been a part of Red Sox broadcasts. In my experience, there is one major skill he lacks: the ability to analyze baseball well. To me, that is a key skill to have in the baseball analyzing business but hey, he’s still there.

Nary has he enriched the broadcasts since I’ve been watching this team. Still, the Red Sox and NESN have had plenty of opportunities to part ways with him and haven’t. I don’t want to bring his personal life into a discussion about his broadcasting, but the legal problems with his son as well as legitimate health concerns could be reason enough for Remy to leave on his own.

The ‘Other’ Red Sox Announcer Stand-Ins

Next in the Red Sox announcer pecking order is Steve “Psycho” Lyons. Lyons had three stints as a player in Boston between 1985 and 1993, his first and last Major League stops. He is most known for being traded for the great Tom Seaver as well as dropping his pants while on first base during a game. After a completely bogus firing from Fox nearly a decade ago, Lyons eventually brought his talents to the NESN booth. Originally, he was on the pre and post game shows, which he still is when not color commentating. Psycho brings a great analysis of players on and off the field for fans to better understand the game.

Finally, Hall of Famer Dennis Eckersley emerges as the best Red Sox announcer NESN has. “Eck” is by far the best man in the booth. While I think Lyons is good, it’s really not a close race as far as I’m concerned. Even in a “contract year” for all intents and purposes, Remy doesn’t compare. I’m not one for commentators with a stupid schtick, but Eck can back it up. His constant muttering of “cheese” and “hair” to describe the game actually makes him enjoyable. In fact, in the past week I’ve heard Eck refer to both a home run and a contract as a “Johnson”.

Eckersley seems to know exactly what the pitcher is doing, what the manager’s thoughts probably are and the hitter’s expectations. His extensive knowledge of baseball makes for an incredible broadcast. Even with a hairstyle grossly out of fashion, Dennis Eckersley should absolutely be in NESN Red Sox announcer permanently.

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