Red Sox Are The Boys of Indian Summer

red sox are the boys of indian summer

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The Red Sox are the boys of Indian Summer because they are sizzling hot. I can feel it in my bones; they want to make a run for some October baseball. What an amazing weekend it was for this team! And can you believe how great Clay was on Tuesday? He tied the record of 10 wins with Cy Young Award winning, Red Sox pitcher Roger Clemens. The team is well over .500. The Red Sox, our Red Sox, are at .600. They stand tall, at the top of the heap, greedy to grind out wins.

Yet, I feel as though people are not talking. Where are the fans? Why are the sports newscasters fit to be tied about the Patriots’ offense? Amendola, I say Amen-schmola. (Don’t get me wrong, I am sure he is a great guy. This is a baseball blog.) Let’s talk about the resurgence of the Mike Napoli or Johnny Gomes continuing to be a clutch hitter.

Who cares about football and the Patriots, the Red Sox players are going the distance. The question is how far they will go. I think they will make it beyond the American League Division Series. I don’t want to say anything about the final series of games to be named much later in October. You know what it is called, it rhymes with “curled dearies” (well, sort of, close enough). I just don’t want to jinx it.

All silliness aside, the two biggest threats within the division are Baltimore and Toronto. All I can think of is Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, when I think of these teams. They have proven to be the only chinks in the Red Sox armor throughout the regular season. Of course, the Rays cause trouble, too. These games against the Rays come down to pitchers’ duels. David Price is an incredible pitcher. The only wildcard the Red Sox need worry about is their own bullpen and the strength of the other bullpen’s they face in the division. The strong farm system, filled with strong pitching, should calm those fears.

red sox are the boys of indian summer

My predictions may be wrong. Heck, fan predictions in March were that this would be a rebuilding year. We hoped the Red Sox would reach a .500 average. Never did we think we would be on top of the American League with the second place team 7.5  games back.

The Red Sox stand today in a surreality that is reality. The question everyone in New England should be asking is “Are you ready for some October baseball?” The sports fans of New England can leave football for November.

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