Red Sox Bullpen Needs Starting Strength

Red Sox bullpen

Steven Wright was right on Thursday night!
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Yes, I am excited that the Red Sox are winning and are on top of the AL East. I don’t want to sound like a crank. But there is just something missing, and I feel as though it resides in the Red Sox bullpen. Thursday’s series finale against Seattle went well, but it should not have been a squeaker. The offense is there with Ellsbury hitting, Nava scoring the final run, and Ortiz breaking records. The defense was there, too, with Mr. Steven Wright leading us. I knew Wright had the potential to make a difference, and did he ever in Thursday night’s tilt!

But now what?

The good news is management’s flexibility when it comes to pitchers. They have a large pool from which to draw.  Also, they do not hang the starters out to dry, waiting for them to get better.  Pitchers are pulled out before things truly take a turn for the worse. Now Sox coaches just need to figure out the right combinations for the middle and closing innings of the game. They are getting closer with guys like Wright, and possibly Rubby De La Rosa.

We have the pitching depth within our own system to make all our playoff dreams come true. Thursday it worked well, forcing me into fits of confusion. I’m so confused I’m rethinking possible trade targets. I’m now leaning toward a need for a starting pitcher. I do know the Sox need someone that is confident and can command the ball in the early innings, so less pressure weighs on the offense. This will lead to fewer bitten nails, heading into the second inning, on couches all over New England.

Either way, closer or starting pitcher, it is a gamble. Pretty much all trades are, right? What do you think?

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