How the Red Sox can save the season

The Red Sox have been having a rough time of it so far this season—and the players acknowledge that. The problem is no one on the team has been able to do much about it so far. They’ve been struggling in every facet of the game, from pitching to hitting, and especially defense.

Lack of consistency has been a problem so far – every time the Red Sox seem to take a Red Soxstep forward, they promptly take 2 steps back. The Red Sox posted a minus 47 run differential through their first 50 games, and the Houston Astros in 2005 are the only team in history to overcome such a run differential and have a successful season according to NESN. It also marks the team’s worst start since 1960.

So, how can the Red Sox turn things around? Consistency. It won’t happen overnight, but the Red Sox have shown that they have the talent in every facet of the game to make a run in a lackluster AL East, albeit at different points of the season, and rarely have they had a complete performance where they’ve had everyone clicking at the same time. I don’t know if making a big splash at the trade deadline will help – I do believe the Red Sox have the personnel in house to win the division. Plus, I believe that gutting the farm system to make a run this year isn’t the way to go. The Red Sox have a strong foundation in their farm system. The ideal way for the Red Sox to get back into the race to me would be for the guys on the roster now to step their game up. One game won’t change anything right now, but the way the team gets back into this is to take a page out of the Patriots book, and just do their jobs. “Less talk, play more,” as Dustin Pedroia said. That’s really all it takes. I just hope these guys are capable of that.

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